Sally’s Army was founded in 2011, when Sally brought a small group of friends together to sing.¬† The choir now has more than 70 members and has sung concerts all over Yorkshire and on tour to Italy and Spain.¬† Sally’s Army is a Community choir at heart and has performed concerts to raise money for many different causes including St Gemma’s Hospice, Heart Research, St Michael’s Hospice, a school-building project in the Philippines, Mary’s Meals, Singing for the Brain, Joanna Project and Otley Welcomes.

Sally’s Army appears on Otley Brass Band’s recording On Ilkley Moor, singing On Ilkley Moor Bah ‘Tat and sings Visit Otley’s Christmas Song The Twelve Days of Otley Christmas¬†

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  1. Mariateresa Nicoli · August 1

    I’ve had the Honour to sing with Sally’sArmy Choir, in Otley and in Corbetta (Italy) and I loved every minute of it. Beyond the Art and Charm of their Director, beyond their vocal power and the accuracy of their performances, I treasure the friendship I made with the Ladies : a never-ending melody


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